Clients and Business Contacts


AgGeorgia Farm Credit

Basic Foods


Bruno Brancaleoni – Italy

Campus Towers

Canal Wood

Cavalier Hunt Club

Central Soya

Chickmaster Incubator

Chore-Time Equipment



Davidson and Jones

D.T. Whitehurst Farms

East Carolina University

Ellerbe Poultry

ERA Realty

E.W. Miller Farms

Farrior and Sons

Federal Land Bank

First Mortgage

Gaylord McNally Law Firm

Gennette Timberlands

Georgia Pacific

Gibson Wall Company

Gold Kist Poultry

Golden Pride Poultry

G&M Sales

Goodwin Hatcheries

Granga Avicola Mora – Uruguay

Granga Rezende SA – Brazil

Hatchery Planning

Jamesway Company

Hog Slats

Landmark Savings Bank

Nash Johnson Farms

N.G. Purvis Farms

Nigerian Petroleum – Nigeria

North Slope Elevator

Perdue Farms

Pilgrims’s Pride

Realtors Land Institute

Real Property Management

RE/MAX International

Ringgold Towers Condos

Riverwatch Towers Condos

Rouse Construction

Rughani Ltd. – Zambia

Robbins Incubators

Sail Soft Realty

Saudi Poultry

Seaboard Farms

Sea Gull Inn

Shenandoah Manufacturing

Sidus-First Mortgage

Sotheby’s International

Taylor-Ramsey Furniture

The Rich Company

The Land Company

Tokai Farms – South Africa

Waste-A-Hol Agri Fuel

Westgrove Towers Condos

Whaley Contractors


White Poultry

Williamston Elevator

Windsor House Condos

United Title

Valley Wood

Ventura Engineering